Jasmine Tookes cried when she saw Lais Ribeiro in the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra.

The 26-year-old model donned the highly coveted garment in last year's annual catwalk show, and the star has admitted she welled up when she had to pass the honour on to her successor, and she sobbed ''every time'' she saw the 27-year-old star don the Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra diamond, sapphire and blue topaz encrusted underwear set during this year's show, which took place in Shanghai, China, on November 20.

Speaking to WMagazine.com, the star said: ''You have no idea. When they put the video out about the bra, every time I watched it I would start crying.''

However, Jasmine is still proud of her colleague and ''best friend'', and she thinks Lais ''deserved'' to wear the showstopping piece.

She continued: ''She is one of my best friends, and is just so amazing.

''In Thailand, we would give speeches around the table and every time it would be like, 'You deserve it Lais.' Everyone loves her so much.''

Following the fashion extravaganza a group of the models, including Jasmine, Lais, Josephine Skriver and Sara Sampaio, jetted off to Thailand for a celebratory trip.

Speaking about the vacation, Jasmine said: ''And Bali was one of my number one bucket list places to go. I always try to [take a break after the show], and luckily this time we had four days to relax. It was good to relax on the beach and have some cocktails.

''It was amazing.''

However, Victoria's Secret Angel Romee Strijd is still suffering with jetlag following the trip.

She said: ''The jetlag has been really affecting me, I have to say. It is the farthest I've ever been. I'm awake every night from one to five a.m., and I am not doing anything productive.''

The 22-year-old star acquired her wings in 2015, but this month's showcase marked her first time opening the major event, which she was ''really really nervous'' about.

She explained: ''I was really, really nervous because it was my first time opening a segment, but it went good, I think! It felt great. I liked [the longer runway] because sometimes it goes so fast, but now we had a little more time to enjoy it.''