Jarvis Cocker mistakes shopping lists for his song lyrics.

The former Pulp singer admits he is incredibly disorganised and often gets his musical ideas mixed up with his 'To Do' lists when looking back through his notes.

He explained: "I'm not very disciplined. The way I tend to do things is just wander around and I'll write things in notebooks, and then eventually, when I've got quite a big pile of notebooks, I'll look through them, and then sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised and think 'Yeah!' Then other times its like… because I use the same notebook for my To Do lists as well, so sometimes it gets mixed up, then you'll see 'six eggs, bacon, butter' and I'll think yes, that's good, and then you realise that was your shopping list."

The 'Babies' hitmaker also vowed not to perform his old group's hits in his solo performances because it would "spoil" the original versions.

He explained to Absolute Radio host Geoff Lloyd: "Pulp was a group and the way that Pulp sounded and the way that those songs came about was all to do with those five people who were in the group.

"You know, we'd all learned how to play together, not very well, but we kind of made it work, and I think it would only sound right if those people were together again, you know.

"If I played it with the band that I've got now, who are probably technically much better than some of the people in Pulp, but I just don't think that those songs would sound the same. So again, I don't want to kind of spoil them by doing kind of inferior versions of them."

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