Pulp star Jarvis Cocker has thrown his support behind the ongoing 'Occupy' protest movement, calling the campaigners "visionary" and praising their dedication.
The British rocker admits he was pleased to see demonstrators take over swathes of cities including New York and London as he fully supports their protests against corporate greed.
Cocker tells Britain's The Big Issue, "(It is) a visionary movement because it recognises that it's the cult of the individual that got us here, and so to escape from this situation is going to require collective action... Much is made of the fact the Occupy movement doesn't have leaders, and this is sometimes depicted as a failing. It is actually one of its main strengths... We are over leaders.
"We are not interest in ideology anymore - we just want things to work properly and fairly... Occupy shows a new way. Whether you recognise it or not yet, it's what you want..."