Richard Hammond, the Top Gear presenter who was sent to hospital with serious brain injuries following a high-speed car crash, has said that he is now absolutely fine.

In his first television interview since the accident, he said that two weeks passed without him being aware of it and that when he awoke in hospital "there was a sense of 'oh b*gger'".

"I was driving and then it was two weeks later and I was in Leeds," he said on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, to be screened this evening.

"Apparently I was awake on the way to the helicopter and I got a bit fight-y, I wanted to do a piece to camera, but my eyes were pointing in different directions. I have no recollection of that, or the first few weeks."

Although Hammond, nicknamed Hamster by his colleagues and friends, is said to be fine he has to spend the next two years off alcohol.

And on how his fellow Top Gear presenters would be treating him, he added: "They'll just be trusting me with sofas to test... Jeremy's been gushingly kind to me, it would embarrass him to read about it... I wanted a T-shirt that said 'I'm still poorly, you know'... next series we're doing a polar race, I'm really looking forward to it."

Also appearing on tonight's show are Jarvis Cocker, G4, Lee Evans and Liz Smith.

22/12/2006 12:13:08