British rocker Jarvis Cocker has hit out at over-rehearsed, corporate bands - insisting it is far more rock 'n' roll when musicians "mess up". The former Pulp singer is desperate to see more creative artists in the music industry, instead of just business-minded "career people". He says, "I've always liked people who mess up. I don't like career people - it doesn't seem very appropriate when it comes to music which is about something emotional. "Reading an interview with Razorlight is just like reading The Economist, saying 'Yeah, well we're going to be really big in America and we think this album's going to follow up the next one' - that's what the record company should be saying, not the people in the band. "And even The Rapture, who I like, there was an article about them I read which just seemed to be about them being managed by the same people who manage U2. "I just thought 'Why do I want to know that?' That's not what music's about."