30 Seconds To Mars will release their new single on August 22.

The rock trio - comprised of brothers Jared Leto and Shannon Leto, alongside Tomo Milicevic - have announced they will be dropping their brand new single 'Walk on Water' later this month, in what will be their first piece of new music in four years.

The band announced the news on Twitter on Monday (14.08.17) when they shared a funny sketch video of the band sat in an Interscope label meeting, where they were berated for promising music ''soon'' and not delivering.

In the video, their label manager said: ''Four years since you put out an album, two years since we signed you. Are we really having this conversation? Soon? People are sick and tired of soon. Soon doesn't mean s**t. F**k soon. We need to go now. Now!''

The text on the video after the sketch ends reads: ''The new single. Walk on Water. #Soon (sic)''

And the rockers captioned the video: ''THE NEW SINGLE / WALK ON WATER / AUGUST 22. #SOON (sic)''

Meanwhile, frontman Jared, 45, has been dropping hints toward a new LP for the 'Kings and Queens' hitmakers on his own social media accounts.

Back in March, the 'Suicide Squad' actor shared a teaser clip in which he can be seen with long hair performing the band's 2013 hit 'Do or Die'.

And in the same month, the group's Twitter page shared a video of the band in Tokyo along with the caption, ''MARS IS COMING. (sic)''

Jared previously admitted he never expected the group - who released their self-titled debut LP 14 years ago - to still be going strong, but that he is very excited about their upcoming fifth record.

He said: ''We are working on our fifth album now, which is incredible. We never thought we would get this far.

''We're almost done with it and it looks like it will be out in 2017.''

'Walk on Water' will be the first piece of new music the band has released since 2013's album 'Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams', and is available from August 22.