January Jones is enjoying motherhood ''so much''.

The 34-year-old actress gave birth to six-month-old son Xander in September and she is having a great time looking after her little one, but she doesn't think her 'Mad Men' alter-ego Betty Francis shares her enthusiasm for motherhood.

She said: ''I have nothing in Common with Betty when it comes to mothering. I am enjoying myself so much, whereas I don't think Betty sees the fun in it. She sees it as a burden and an inconvenience, she's just not good at it.''

January has praised creative writer Matthew Weiner for writing her a ''really beautiful'' storyline for the forthcoming series of the TV drama, despite her ''challenging'' circumstances.

She added: ''I called Matthew Weiner when I knew they were about to go into the writers' room, to tell him that I was pregnant. But I wasn't sure whether they would write around it or include it.

''He works really well with a challenge. My storyline is really beautiful.''