January Jones is "like a guy".

The 'Mad Men' actress never feels intimidated by other celebrities but admits she is often lost for words when she meets her sporting heroes.

She said: "I'm really like a guy in a lot of ways. My screen saver is a picture of me with Eli and Peyton Manning taken at the Kentucky Derby. The most star-struck I get is around football players. I like the Pittsburgh Steelers - I was going to be Troy Polamalu for Halloween."

Though January eventually rejected her Halloween costume idea, she did go to a party in drag - imitating the appearance of legendary fashion designer YVES SAINT LAURENT, much to the bemusement of other party guests.

She told the new issue of W magazine: "I told too many people I was going to be Troy, so I ended up going as Yves Saint Laurent. I didn't do nude Yves Saint Laurent, although I love that picture. Instead, I slicked back my hair and put on glasses. I wore a tux with a bow tie. Unfortunately, people don't know Yves Saint Laurent, and they thought I was the guy in the Six Flags commercial."