January Jones is reportedly expecting a baby girl.

The 'X-Men: First Class' actress - who has not disclosed the father of her baby - was spotted buying clothes for her unborn tot in Los Angeles yesterday (10.07.11) and, according to X17 Online, she purchased items for a little girl.

January is due to give birth later this and she recently revealed she is "nesting" and is grateful for her break from working in order to prepare her house for the impending new arrival.

The 'Mad Men' star: "I've been enjoying a nice break.

"I've been in a nesting phase just preparing my house and stuff. I've had the luxury of a couple months off."

She also revealed she feels "lucky" with how well her pregnancy is progressing, though she is a little disappointed she has not had any odd cravings.

The 33-year-old beauty - who is planning to raise her baby as a single parent - said: "I feel great. I haven't had any weird physical side effects. I feel pretty lucky so far.

"Everybody is asking if I've had any odd cravings. I haven't yet. It's a bummer. I wish I had something weird to tell."