January Jones says it is good for ''the soul and the body'' to separate from her phone from time to time.

The 'Mad Men' star likes to shut herself away from the outside world every now and again, especially when she takes a long hot bath.

Sharing her top bath time tips in her column in Violet Grey magazine, she said: ''Try separating from your phone. I recommend leaving it at least 5 feet away - it's good for the soul and the body. Try to keep it on airplane mode too ...

''Don't drop your iPad. I am just naturally really good at not dropping things into the bath, but it's another reason to keep your gadgets at a healthy distance.''

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old actress previously revealed she learns a lot from her five-year-old son Xander.

She shared: ''There are many lessons I'd like my son to learn and many I'm still learning from him. I think he is kind and empathetic and will be a remarkable person. He is what I am most proud of.''

Asked what her hopes and plans for the future are, she said: ''Not to take one day for granted, to be a good mom and to be able to work like I have been. To see and experience things and maybe take time to go on a date.''

January feels she has taken some risks in her life when it comes to her career.

She added: ''My biggest career risk has been the two TV shows I've done.

''Luckily both have been a success, but it's a gamble when you sign a big contract to do a project where you have only read one piece of a huge puzzle and have no idea where the writers are going to take you.''