Folk legend Janis Ian is keen to become the next star to pen a Broadway musical.

The Society's Child singer admits she has dreamed of putting on a huge stage show since she was a child, but needs to find the time to make sure her idea isn't a theatre flop.

She says, "It's been my dream since I was three but I don't have the time to pursue it actively and the last couple of musicals that people in the music industry were involved in were absolute tankers. I wouldn't blame any Broadway backer for being terrified!

"It's a pity because I think Broadway and musicals in general could use someone like me who still believes in melodies and singable songs that the audience can walk out and be able to sing."

But before she can put Broadway in her sights, the singer has a children's illustrated book coming out and she's also working on a young adult novel.

She tells, "I would like to find time to write another album too, so I've got a pretty good plate as it is."