Former model Janice Dickinson almost quit US reality TV show THE SURREAL LIFE just hours after walking through the door of the Los Angeles celebrity mansion after taking offence to actor and housemate Bronson Pinchot's amorous advances.

The bitchy socialite and author, who once dated Sylvester Stallone and Jack Nicholson, turned into a drama queen on the show's debut, which aired on Sunday night (10JUL05) after BEVERLY HILLS COP star Pinchot started hugging her.

After telling the actor, "You can't grope me like that," Dickinson burst into tears as Pinchot insisted he was just being friendly, adding, "You've got to stop or I'm gonna leave. I quit. I gotta go."

Dickinson was then caught phoning a pal in New York, begging him to pick her up.

The diva was then persuaded to stay by rap star SANDRA 'PEPA' DENTON - another housemate.

The former model later explained her actions: "I don't like men uninvitedly (sic) putting their hands on me and mauling, molesting or groping and I asked him, 'Please don't touch me.'

"Bronson's creepy. It really rubbed me the wrong way... I'd rather sleep with a homeless guy."

But the actor insisted that he felt an instant attraction to Dickinson.

He said, "I believed in my heart Janice and I will hook up somehow. I liked her hoarse voice and I liked her tough-ass thing. I think the sex would be amazing... I never groped her."

Dickinson's 12 days in the Surreal Life house with Pinchot, Pepa, baseball star JOSE CONSECO, reality TV queen OMAROSA, model Caprice and moto-cross star Carey Hart was filmed and will run on US TV throughout the summer (05).

12/07/2005 02:50