Former SALT 'N PEPA star SANDRA 'PEPA' DENTON was forced to take on the role of peacekeeper when she filmed reality show THE SURREAL LIFE - because her housemates were constantly fighting.

The PUSH IT rapper teamed up with models Janice Dickinson and Caprice BOURRET, as well as Pink's boyfriend Carey Hart, for the fifth installment of the hit TV show, which places a selection of celebrities in a Hollywood house and films their every move.

But the constant bickering among the housemates led to Denton making efforts to keep everybody at peace.

She says, "The show is like a family, and just like in any family there are arguments and disagreements.

"But there's always going to be one member, like me, who just wants everyone to get along."

The latest installment of The Surreal Life is set to debut in the US on 10 July (05).

24/06/2005 08:02