Supermodel-turned-reality Tv star Janice Dickinson's debts have been drastically lowered by bank bosses after they cited her age and lack of steady income for her inability to pay up in full.

The 59 year old filed for bankruptcy last year (13), and among the many debtors was City National Bank, a company DICkinson owed more than $300,000 (£180,061), according to documents obtained by

However, bank bosses have decided to reduce her payment to $100,000 (£60,006), citing in the papers that "due to debtor's age, lack of assets and lack of income," it would be difficult to collect money from her.

The documents also state that since DICkinson isn't able to abide by their payment plan, her fiance, psychologist Dr. Robert Gerner, can pay off the debt for her.

The former America's Next Top Model judge declared herself bankrupt in 2013 with debts of almost $1 million (£625,000).