Janice Dickinson thinks a ''nice cuddle is just as good'' as sex.

The 62-year-old supermodel insists intimacy is very important in her marriage to fourth husband, Dr. Robert 'Rocky' Gerner, but these days she's happy just to be close to the 70-year-old psychiatrist.

She said: ''Sex is important in mine and Rocky's relationship and a woman needs to orgasm. If you don't, it's like a pressure cooker.

''But if you can't do the deed, a nice cuddle is just as good. And I never thought I'd say that.

''I honestly love getting near my husband and just sniffing him. It's the pheromones. When I first met him, I leaned in and took a big whiff and said, 'You'll do.' ''

Janice - who was recently given the all-clear after battling breast cancer - was known for her wild partying in the past, but these days she's completely sober and loves the ''quiet'' life she leads with her spouse.

She told Closer magazine: ''I'm teetotal and attend a 12-step programme daily.

''I'm much more reserved than people think too. I was well-known for being very opinionated and outspoken, but that came from a lack of understanding. I don't feel the need to set people straight now.

''My life with Rocky is much quieter than my party days, obviously. But I'm so much happier...

''Rocky and I love going for walks or fishing together and meeting up for dinner with friends.

''He filled an emptiness inside me that I didn't know I had.''

Janice wishes she and Rocky had had children together, but they still have an ''incredible'' life with their kids from past relationships.

She said: ''Mine and Rocky's one regret is that we never had children together but he wouldn't have wanted to be with me when I was younger and taking drugs.

''I was in a dark head space.

''Now we have an incredible life together and our families are blended. I'm a granny to his three grandsons and I love that more than anything.''