The 61-year-old supermodel was found to have early stage ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) - a form of the disease that starts in the milk ducts - after her doctor discovered a lump in her right breast during a routine examination.

The former America's Next Top Model judge revealed the diagnosis during an interview with the Daily Mail Online, admitting she has been struggling with her emotions ever since being told the devastating news.

"Just two weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it's hard for me to say this, but I have been diagnosed with breast cancer," she told the publication.

"It's still quite shocking. Today I got very scared... I just get very scared and it hit me. But I am not gonna let that define me, the fear. I'm going to get through this, I'll be just fine kiddo."

After being told the diagnosis, Janice admits she "went into a world of fantasy, kind of a world of process, I kept saying to myself, 'you're just processing this'. You can't be brave and fierce and all the things that people know you from - reality television, from the fashion industry, from being the world's first supermodel, from being a judge, from being a writer, a photographer, from being an AIDS activist."

Janice is now planning on having an operation to remove a one-inch area of skin around the lump removed from the breast. Doctors will also check Janice's lymph nodes for any signs of the disease, as well as having radiation on the affected cells and taking medication, most probably for the rest of her life.

She will be supported by her family and her fiance Dr. Robert 'Rocky' Gerner.

"I don't know what the doctors really told me because it goes in one ear out the other, that's how I roll," she said. "I know that my fiancé is a doctor of the highest calibre, I have four specialists, I've been prodded and poked on the inside and out and I can tell you I'm very, very lucky."

Janice is now hoping to use her tale to influence other women to have regular breast examinations in the hope of catching the disease in its early stages.

"We're gonna get there, we're gonna all get there together. I'm going to tell my truth. I'm doing this for women, I really want for this experience (to be) for women of all ages," she said.

"Have regular breast examinations please. Girls past 30 it's very important. I'm here for women all over the world, women are to be cherished, mothers, daughters, sisters, you must remind yourself."