Jason 'J' Brown has said he's tired of former model Janice Dickinson's crocodile tears when an I'm a celebrity... contestant is voted out.

Janice's tantrums and self-obsession have dominated the seventh series of the ITV1 reality show and after former Hollyoaks actress Gemma Atkinson left the show yesterday she bawled as if losing a dear relative.

As the 23-year-old actress left, Janice called after her: "Say hi to your mum and your friend and I owe you a birthday present."

She then began to make overwrought sobbing noises, leading an exasperated 'J' to comment: "We've got some crocodile tears here folks."

And talking to the Bushtucker Telegraph afterwards, the former 5IVE member said: "I just hope the public aren't blagged by the facade Janice puts on sometimes, like every time there is an eviction there's the cry of crocodile tears that start and they genuinely are fake tears.

"It's just the psychological tactics she's using, she thinks she's being clever and it's so blatant," he added.

'J' later told ex-Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews and actor Christopher Biggins, the show favourite: "I'm going to say to her, 'Please, if it isn't me that goes next, don't do that as it really ruins the send-off for me'."

All four of the remaining celebrities took part in the Celebrity Cyclone Bushtucker Trial, battling against a wind machine, water jets and slime to grab three stars in their most enjoyable test yet.

An exhilarated Biggins said afterwards: "I can die. I just loved it. What a blast, that was very, very exciting."

30/11/2007 09:27:55