Eighties supermodel Janice Dickinson has advice for pregnant pop star BRITNEY SPEARS - dump her husband Kevin Federline. Federline has been unpopular with many Spears fans since their relationship began in April 2004, because he was still dating his then-pregnant ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. His recent attempt at a rap career has been received coldly by music fans and the former dancer has failed to secure a record contract. DICkinson admits she is dismayed at Spears' personal appearance and wardrobe choices since she married Federline and is desperate to give her a makeover. She tells The Book Standard, "I never found him hot at all. But she's a hick anyway. She needs to get hot again. Stop clomping around in those Malibu flip-flops. "I would tar and feather her first of all, tell her to dump that f**king hick husband of hers. She needs solid advice, and not from Hicksville."