Model Janice Dickinson irked her SURREAL LIFE castmates recently, when she writhed all over fallen baseball star Jose Canseco and actor BRONSON PINOCHET at a Las Vegas nightclub.

While filming the reality show, Dickinson, Canseco, Pinochet, SANDRA 'PEPA' DENTON, Caprice Bourret, Pink's fiance Carey Hart and THE APPRENTICE star Omarosa Manigault-STALLWORTH won a stay at the Nevada city's trendy Palms Resort and Casino after beating a group of celebrity impersonators at a baseball match.

But the group's revelry soon turned to embarrassment when 50-year-old Dickinson rubbed herself all over Hart, before turning her attentions to Canseco, who once had a liaison with Madonna.

After watching her crawl across a bar to capture his attention and writhe around all over him, Canseco says, "Janice means well, but I don't know what she was doing. She's got her hands on me, she's trying to kiss me. After a while it was like, cut it out. It got to a point where it was getting out of control."

A rejected Dickinson then turned her attentions to Pinochet, who had previously flirted with her. But, much to her surprise, he also shunned her.

Pinochet explains, "If it had been for real it would've been fun. It was empty. That's just a plastic vagina - get a real vagina!"