LATEST: Former model Janice Dickinson has fired back at American TV host Ryan Seacrest for cutting her from his live show on Tuesday (23MAR04) for her bawdy behaviour.

Dickinson, Sylvester Stallone's ex girlfriend, prompted FOX TV censors to cut to a blank screen during an interview on Seacrest's ON AIR show when she took "a nosedive" into the host's "crotch" when he asked her to look him "in the eye".

Seacrest immediately cut to commercials and then ended the interview, but Dickinson insists the host went over the top.

She says, "I was just joking around. Is that so wrong? I fell off the chair because I was a little bit wobbly from my medication and they took me off the air.

"Ryan said afterwards that I scared him. I want to apologise to you, you bad boy. You should be spanked."

Seacrest insists he personally took the decision to pull the plug on the interview and he feels for anyone who is scheduled to interview Dickinson.

He says, "It was a COURTNEY LOVE-type moment. She placed her head between my legs. It wasn't a good thing. Good luck to whoever takes her."

25/03/2004 13:56