Supermodel Janice Dickinson had her SURREAL LIFE castmates running for their lives when a butcher's knife stunt went horribly wrong.

The catty former catwalk star was persuaded to hold the knife up over housemate Omarosa Manigault-STALLWORTH's head - as if she was about to stab her rival - by a photographer, but no one told the rest of the cast about the stunt.

Dickinson, a former lover of Sylvester Stallone and Jack Nicholson's, says, "Toward the end of the show the photographer asked me to pick up a butcher's knife and fake that I was gonna stab her, but she didn't know the photographer had told that to me.

"She just went, 'She's crazy,' so everybody ran out of the room and I was standing there holding the knife, like, 'All I did was hold the knife.'"

Dickinson admits she hated appearing on the show, which debuts on Sunday (10JUL05), alongside Manigault-Stallworth, baseball star JOSE CONSECO, Californian model Caprice and actor Bronson Pinchot, but she'd happily do it again for the cash.

She adds, "I did it for the money and I'd do it again for the money... I was paying for my daughter's private education, so, for 12 days, the cheque went, 'Vroom' right to the school."

08/07/2005 08:29