Janice Dickinson and JASON "J" BROWN took ten meals back to the I'M A CELEBRITY camp as they successfully completed the latest Bushtucker trial.

The supermodel and ex-pop star drove a motorbike and side car over a 100ft ravine, in the 'Uneasy Rider' challenge.

J drove the vehicle, while Janice smashed ten out of eleven stars off the high wire with a baton to win ten meals for the hungry celebrities.

Janice tried to go for the eleventh star but at the last minute the motorbike slipped off the tracks and fell from underneath them.

Both campers were proud of their achievements with the former FIVE star exclaiming: "We did that in about two and a half minutes."

Janice added: "I was savage. You know, you don't want to mess with Janice."

Later in the evening all of the celebrities took part in a Bush Battle challenge to try and win immunity.

They had to balance on a stump holding a chain. If they let go then they were splattered with gunge.

CATATONIA singer Cerys Matthews was the first to crack under pressure, shouting, "I didn’t mean that to happen," as she was drenched.

21/11/2007 09:38:44