Actress Janet Leigh has starred in 50 movies - but she knows she'll always be remembered for a 45 second shower scene.

The blonde beauty made cinema history when she was slashed by ANTHONY PERKINS in Alfred Hitchcock's legendary 1960 horror film PSYCHO.

She's since starred opposite big stars like Frank Sinatra (THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE), Tony Curtis and Dean Martin (WHO WAS THAT LADY?) and Paul Newman (HARPER), but all her other achievements are overshadowed by her fatal screen death at the BATES MOTEL - but Leigh doesn't mind being known for one scene.

She muses, "I say, 'Thank God.' How can anyone not be grateful for that kind of opportunity?

"I don't mind being bombarded by something like that. That's what the movie business is all about - creating images."

30/05/2003 17:03