Janet Jackson is fuming with TV bosses who re-edited her post Super Bowl apology - because they made it look like she had planned her shocking half-time show stunt.

Jackson made a public apology following the fuss created by her "accidental" breast-baring antics at American football's big day on 1 February (04).

But now she regrets not making a live apology.

She tells black magazine EBONY, "Sometimes they cut out that I said it was an accident. That's what the media does... I probably should have done it live, but there was so much going on at the time that I needed to just get it done."

The pop superstar also harbours regrets about not attending the Grammy AWARDS to present an achievement honour to pal Luther Vandross.

At the time, she was told the crooner's family didn't want her there, and she asked Patti Labelle to take her place - but now she has learned Vandross initially insisted Jackson, and only Jackson, present him with his honour.

She adds, "I'm now told that Luther said he didn't want to receive the Grammy unless I presented it to him, but I was told initially that his family thought it was better that I not present it to him. But that didn't come from his family."

03/03/2004 09:14