Janet Jackson still expects her late brother Michael to call her.

The 'All For You' singer - the younger sister of the 'Thriller' star, who died last June from acute Propofol intoxication aged 50 - says her grief gets easier with every day that passes, but she would do anything to hear him speak again.

She said: "It gets sad sometimes because, I don't know, you think your phone is going to ring and you hear that voice calling your name. But, yeah, life goes on and everybody grieves differently. And every day is different. Some days it's much easier than others."

Janet, 43, also revealed Michael's untimely passing made her realise she needed to make changes in her life.

She said in an interview with Wonderland magazine: "A lot of people in this industry have a lot of 'yes' people. That I can tell you I do not have. A lot has changed in my life this year, a lot of changes, I think I'm kind of heading in a different direction for sure."

One ambition Janet now wants to fulfil is to "kick somebody's a*s" in an action movie.

She said: "There was a time when I met with the Wachowski brothers to do 'The Matrix', a long time ago but there were scheduling conflicts. I want to kick somebody's a*s. Anybody's, as long as I get to kick somebody's a*s. Kick a new hole in their butt. Rip 'em a new butthole, I'd love to do that."