Pop icon Janet Jackson has signed up to star in a TV movie about legendary singer and actress LENA HORNE.

And the GRAMMY-winning beauty has shunned the lip syncing that usually happens in musical biopics to record new takes on Horne's classic songs.

FEEL IT BOY singer Jackson will also serve as executive producer on the as-yet-untitled two-hour flick, which will delve into the 86-year-old STORMY WEATHER singer's often turbulent career.

An excited Jackson says, "She is someone I've admired my whole life."

New York native Horne broke numerous race boundaries as an African-American entertainer in the 1930s and 1940s, but her career also suffered a setback in the 1950s when she was accused of sympathising with Communism and temporarily placed on a blacklist.

04/09/2003 09:24