Janet Jackson has become the latest member of her family to face legal woes, after being slapped with a lawsuit by pioneering rapper ROXANNE SHANTE.

Shante is accusing NASTY singer Jackson of using a clip of her voice on the DAMITA JO track LIKE YOU DON'T LOVE ME without paying for it.

Shante tells website ALLHIPHOP.COM, "I figured maybe it was a sheer oversight that they didn't pay the invoice for using my voice on the record.

"Maybe she overlooked it with the breast popping out (at the Super Bowl), she just got caught up in the mix. I fell back, like when they get around to it, they get around to it."

Shante says she only considered the lawsuit after a representative for Jackson called her and said it wasn't her voice that was sampled.

She adds, "That really infuriated me. Any true hip-hop head knows it's me. The sample comes from DEF FRESH CREW, a song that I did with Biz Markie on the POP ART label."

Shante, who now runs a thriving psychology practice in New York, notes, "She could pay me with she what would buy her bag, it's the principle. I am not after the money.

"But how can you come at me and say that's not my voice? The sheer humiliation and aggravation has made it go this far."

19/10/2004 02:24