Janet Jackson was so devastated when her Super Bowl partner JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE failed to appear at her album launch, she delayed her entrance at the party by three hours.

The THAT'S THE WAY LOVE GOES singer went to great lengths to secure a private area for the 'N SYNC star and was desperate to spend some quiet time with him before joining the Los Angeles bash.

But Janet - who sparked outrage across America when her breast was exposed during her halftime duet with Timberlake last month (01FEB04) - was "heartbroken" after finally accepting the hunky star had shunned the promotion of her new LP DAMITA JO.

An insider tells Britain's DAILY STAR tabloid, "Janet arranged for a private VIP room for Justin only, she even had a special entrance built especially for him so he wouldn't have to see the paparazzi.

"But he still ditched her.

"Janet was heartbroken, that's the reason she was so late, she kept waiting until Justin would arrive, but he never did."

Her troubled superstar brother Michael Jackson and pop babe CHRISTINA AGUILERA added to Janet's disappointment by also failing to make an appearance.

31/03/2004 13:47