Janet Jackson has revealed her father's much-publicised abusive ways were more "old school" than cruel.
Accounts of Joe Jackson's fathering skills have varied over the years, with his late son Michael accusing the Jackson family patriarch of beating him and poking fun at his kids, while sister La Toya insists the King of Pop had it all wrong, suggesting her brother's stories were embellished.
Now, Janet has waded into the family debate, insisting her father wasn't a monster - but he wasn't a traditional dad.
In a new U.S. TV news special, the Nasty singer talks about her father's parenting, explaining, "I think it's old school and that may extrapolate into being abusive... He's my father and he's very strong, he's very stubborn, has his own way of doing things. That's Joseph."
And she has always referred to her father by his first name - after he corrected her once: "I remember when I had called him daddy and he said, 'No, you call me Joseph, I'm Joseph to you.' I never said it again. I was very young, younger than 10... I've never questioned it, it is what it is and I've just let it go."