Janet Jackson has become a family problem because she's always trying to help her nieces and nephews avoid fights with their parents when they get tattoos and piercings. The singer, who herself is heavily pierced, reveals she's an understanding aunt who finds it really difficult to reprimand her young relatives when they disobey their parents. She explains, "I guess they consider me as the cool aunt... They come to me when they get tattoos, thought their parents tell them not to. I probably give them the worst advice. "I say, 'You'll probably get in trouble, but just remember your parents still love you. So, it will be OK, it's not the end of the world.' (I) always end it (advice) with, 'Don't tell them (parents) I told you this.' "My brothers and sisters would probably be mad at me if they knew some of the things I told their kids, but I'm just being completely honest with them."