Janet Jackson has decided to avoid courting more controversy with her new video - by cutting cheeky condom scenes from it.

Video director DAVE MEYERS shot Jackson shopping for TROJAN condoms and apple juice in her romantic new promo I WANT YOU - but the scenes have been removed from the finished piece.

Unfortunately, the scenes have turned up in a MAKING OF... special, which was shown in America on Tuesday night (16MAR04).

In the documentary around the video, which aired on America's BET network, director Meyers jokes about the items on Janet's saucy shopping list: "I told them we need the Magnums (condoms) but we're in the wrong neighbourhood for Magnums," while the singer picks up packets of the condoms.

But, in the finished video, Janet is seen shopping for apple juice and a lollipop instead.

The singer shocked America last month (FEB04) when an apparent "wardrobe malfunction" left her baring her right breast live onstage during the SUPER BOWL half-time show.

18/03/2004 08:59