Janet Jackson has lashed out at American President George W Bush, blaming him for the prolonged uproar over her breast-baring incident at February's (04) Super Bowl.

The 38-year-old pop superstar sparked outrage when her left breast was exposed at the end of a half-time performance with Justin Timberlake, in what he insisted was a "wardrobe malfunction".

And she believes Bush used the incident to divert attention from the war in Iraq.

She tells America's GENRE magazine, "They really took it overboard, calling it 'Nipplegate' and all that. I mean, it's a bunch of bulls***.

"I truly feel in my heart that the president wanted to take the focus off of him at that time, and I was the perfect vehicle to do so at the moment.

"When you see Michael Moore's FAHRENHEIT 9/11, it just confirms it

And Jackson admits her treatment has solidified her decision on who she'll be voting for in November's (04) presidential elections.

She adds, "Will I be voting for Bush? Hell no!"

CHRISTINE IVERSON of the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE hit back, "Janet Jackson is a talented entertainer. She should stick to singing and stay out of politics."

25/08/2004 21:07