Janet Jackson had a tough time during her guest appearance on hit sitcom WILL + GRACE - because she constantly messed up her lines.

The NASTY singer plays herself in an episode set to air in American on 23 September (04), but admits that it wasn't as easy as she'd hoped it would be.

Jackson says, "I flubbed my lines and got so frustrated when I make mistakes. I haven't done (scripted) TV since Diff'rent Strokes, and it's not like Saturday Night Live where you can read cue cards.

"On Will + Grace they're always rewriting, so you're always memorising.

"I had the most trouble with this name, ARTEMIS. Every time I tried to say it, it comes out AMADEUS. So I wrote it down - 'Ar-tem-is, Ar-tem-is' - over and over.

"The dancing, though, I could do. That's the easy part of playing myself."

Jackson arrives on the sitcom after Sean Hayes' character JACK gets kicked off Jennifer Lopez's dancing squad.

12/09/2004 21:20