Janet Jackson gave comedian Jay Leno the ultimate thrill last night (29APR04), when she shared a passionate kiss with him.

The pop beauty appeared on Leno's chat show to perform music from her latest album DAMITA JO, and joined fellow guest Pierce Brosnan for a short interview with the host.

And Leno quickly asked Jackson about how she enjoyed kissing her boyfriend Jermaine Dupri on- screen compared to actors.

Janet said, "It's actually easier to kiss my boyfriend. But it was just a little peck. I've kissed a few guys onscreen before. There have been times when it was easy. It was very easy kissing Tupac (SHAKUR) for POETIC JUSTICE."

Leno then asked, "When is it difficult? If it's, like, me?," to which Jackson responded, "Why would that be difficult?"

Leno then took the golden opportunity to land his lips on the sexy singer by suggesting, "We should try it!"

The pair shared a brief lip-lock - much to the delight of the audience - which prompted a lipstick-marked Leno to note, "That was great! You're very good at that!"

30/04/2004 19:35