Jane Wyatt, the star of 1950s TV series FATHER KNOWS BEST, has died at her Bel-Air home in Los Angeles, California. She was 96. The American actress died in her sleep on Friday (20OCT06) from natural causes, having been plagued by health problems since suffering at stroke at the age of 85. Wyatt was best known for her portrayal of MARGARET ANDERSON, a stereotypical American mother in Father Knows Best, for which she won three Emmy Awards. She also played MR SPOCK's mother in the TV series Star Trek and in the film STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME. The actress enjoyed a lengthy acting career boasting key roles in Frank Capra's Lost Horizon, NONE BUT THE LONELY HEART and the Oscar-winning GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT. She was married to businessman EDGAR WARD, who died in 2000, and is survived by two sons, three grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.