British actress Jane Seymour became worried when she was preparing for her US citizenship exam - because her American husband failed to get a number of the questions right.

The Dr Quinn, MEDICINE WOMAN star, who has been living in America since 1976, joined 9,000 other immigrants on Friday (11FEB05) at a naturalisation ceremony in Los Angeles.

But Seymour, who is now a citizen of Britain and America, admits that before taking her test, she became concerned when her husband JAMES KEACH got so many practise questions wrong.

She says, "You have to know about 100 different facts about America and you learn them and then some computer decides which 10 you have to answer. If you get seven right you pass.

"My husband's American and an expert on the Constitution of Bill of Rights and all that. He said, 'Don't worry, I'll do it with you. What are the questions?' The first four I asked him, he didn't get right!"

Seymour's nine-year-old twin sons JOHN and KRISTOPHER are also elated their mother is now a fellow American.

She adds, "My kids were all there watching and I think someone from the press asked one of my twins, 'What do you think about this?' and Johnny said, 'My mom won't be an alien anymore!'"

16/02/2005 03:02