British actress Jane Seymour and husband JAMES KEACH have renewed their wedding vows by dashing off to the tropical Polynesian island of Moorea with their twin seven-year-old sons.

The couple, who tied a special traditional ceremony in with their tenth wedding anniversary, decided to re-marry to celebrate the fact that they've stuck together.

Seymour says, "I think because James and I have had relationships that didn't work, it has been even more profound for us to celebrate the 10-year mark with our two children by our side as we recommit to each other."

And the Dr Quinn: MEDICINE WOMAN star admits the romantic ceremony was perfect.

She adds, "At first, I thought the ceremony would be kind of hokey - a couple of pink people wearing coconuts and feathers, but there was something wonderful about seeing James in his white ceremonial robe and headdress."

For the ceremony, Seymour wore a colourful Tahitian skirt and headdress and was topless apart from a skimpy coconut bra.

24/10/2003 17:27