Actress Jane Seymour has been forced to give up her family's aggressive pet dog after it attacked one of her kids. The Brit feared her husband JAMES KEACH's Staffordshire terrier could become a nuisance when he first became a part of the family - and the mad mutt has lived up to her expectations. She says, "This dog was a prize-winning dog and the person we got him from told us that if we had any problems to bring him back. "She must have known we might have had problems. It was a Staffordshire Terrier and it looks like a pitbull to me. I was looking for something warm and fuzzy, preferably little and cute but that wasn't what my husband wanted. "He wanted something that was really trained, a show dog that wasn't going to pee all over the house and was happy to sit in a kennel. We just realised we're not meant to have a dog." But it's not as if animal-loving Seymour has no animals at all - she owns cats and gecko lizards, but admits it's difficult to have pets at her beach house in Malibu, California. She explains, "When you live like we do, where on one side is the Pacific Coast Highway and on the other side is the ocean and in between are the bobcats; it's a little rough for pets."