Actress Jane Seymour is refusing to consider arsonists sparked the wildfires that raged through Malibu, California last week (ends26Oct07) - because she doesn't like to think someone was to blame for the tragedy. Seymour was evacuated from her home for four days and spent every waking hour fearing that her home would be the next to be destroyed by flames. But, now she's back home - surrounded by her artwork, photographs and memorabilia, Seymour chooses to believe the fires were an act of God. She says, "I was just so incredibly thrilled to be able to come back home. "It's inconceivable to me that anyone would go out of their way to make that (fire) happen. Don't even go there." The actress insists her near-death experiences have helped her deal with life's disasters: "I've had the privilege of having three near-death experiences, so I think when you've been very close to not being here at all, you realise that material things ultimately really don't matter."