A regular on U.S. daytime soap The Young & The Restless, Damian wrote the story about a ballet star from America's Mid-West with his wife Janeen, loosely based on her story of triumphing on the New York stage.

They recruited old friend Jane Seymour to play a teacher and then set about trying to find their star - a real dancer with acting ability.

"Janeen and I were watching a special about the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, and they were doing a piece on the importance of ballet in Russian culture," Michael recalls. "They said, 'By the way, we have an American here who is part of the company, and we are going to interview her'.

"We were watching the interview and Janeen and I were like, 'Oh my goodness, she is amazing... If she could act, that would be amazing to get her on the big screen'."

The girl in question, Keenan Kampa, didn't even have a manager at the time, so Michael had to track her down on Twitter.

"I sent her a note, saying, 'We are making a dance film, did you ever want to act and dance in a film before?'' and she said, 'Yes, can you tell me more'. That's pretty wild."

Janeen adds, "She is so beautiful, she is so well-spoken, and then I just saw her dancing, and I was just freaking out because she was just magnificent. She is an exquisite dancer."

Keenan's schedule worked out too, because she was taking a break from the Mariinsky Ballet while recovering from an injury.

Michael is now hoping he'll have the same luck as he begins the search for a dancer for the film's sequel.

"We are already working on a few ideas, and we already started planning and mapping out the story," he explains. "When we were promoting High Strung in the United States, we visited several dance schools, and we let the kids dance for us and we were looking for new talent, and we saw some amazing kids, and they were doing some really great stuff and inspired us. And we'd like to do the same in France and visit some schools."