Jane Seymour may cover the forthcoming Royal Wedding for a news agency after she spoke of her desire to attend the highly-anticipated event.
JANE SEYMOUR, the British actress best known for appearing as the Bond girl 'Solitaire' in 'Live and Let Die', has told her agent that she is available to cover the forthcoming Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, reports CNN.Seymour has a history of covering royal engagements and she worked for GMA back in 1986 for the wedding of Sarah Ferguson and PRINCE ANDREW at Westminster Abbey. The 60-year-old says she is very interested in covering the wedding in April and notes that she will be in the country anyway, saying, "I'm actually going to be in England at that time and I told my agent, 'If anyone wants me to cover it.." She added, "I did that at the last Royal Wedding, for Fergie's wedding" Seymour, who is set to star in the forthcoming romantic-comedy 'Lake Effects', says she is willing to take a pay cut in order to attend the ceremony in London, saying, "Hey, I'm really cheap. I'll be there, so if anyone wants an Americanized Brit to throw their six cents in, I'm available".
Seymour's new movie 'Freeloaders' is scheduled for release later this year. The film follows a group of slackers living for free in a rock-star's mansion and also stars Olivia Munn and NATALIE MORALES.