Jane Seymour claims she was one of the first people to do Pilates.

The 66-year-old actress - who was a Bond girl in 'Live and Let Die' - stars in US comedy show 'Let's Get Physical' and has opened up about the crazy 80s aerobics classes she used to attend with the likes of Joan Collins and the girls from the 'Charlie's Angels' TV series.

Speaking about the workout - developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates - which focuses on the body's core and flexibility, Jane said: ''I was one of the first to do Pilates back in the day.

''My Pilates class would be Joan Collins, Natalie Wood and all the Charlie's Angels.''

The Hollywood star loved the 80s workout getup, and used to crimp her hair so it was frizzy and rock leotards.

She said: ''I used to do aerobics back in the day.

''I frizzed out my hair, had the headband, the leotard that came right up to your waist, the belts.''

The 'Wedding Crashes' star says she was the perfect fit for the role of former Miss Texas Janet Force.

She said: ''I showed them photography I did back in the day with a big mane of frizzy hair.

''They literally freaked out. It couldn't be more authentic if it tried.''

And Jane hopes she will be able to do more episodes of the show.

She said: ''I'm an ex-dancer. So hopefully they'll let me do more in the future.''

The fashion icon even got the seal approval for the part by Olivia Newton-John, who wrote the song 'Let's Get Psychical' in 1981.