The former Bond girl started dancing when she was four and became a ballet professional at the age of 13.

But she was left devastated when the Royal Ballet turned her down because her body "wasn't right".

Jane refused to give up her dream and so she went to the Arts Education Trust - "the other place where the rejects from the Royal Ballet went".

And there she landed a magical run with the Kirov Ballet, when the troupe brought Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to London.

The actress, who returns to her roots to play a strict ballet teacher in new film High Strung, tells WENN, "When they came to London they needed extras for ballet, so they would either go to the Royal Ballet or to the Arts Education Trust where I was, and I auditioned.

"I got to be one of the lucky ones that got to be a snowflake in Cinderella! And in Sleeping Beauty as well."

And after her acting career took off, Seymour got to meet the Kirov's star ballerina Natalia Makarova.

"She defected and then afterwards I met her in New York," Jane recalls. "I had a charity thing and somebody managed to get her a ballet shoe that she signed and so I have one of those right by my bed.

"I love ballet but I had to quit when I was 17 because I injured myself doing modern dance."

Ironically, Keenan Kampa, her co-star in High Strung, was also a star dancer at the Mariinsky Ballet - the new name of The Kirov.