Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro narrowly avoided becoming embroiled in brawl at the Los Angeles bar he co-owns, after he inadvertently upset a super-sized customer on Thursday (05JAN05).

Navarro, who is married to former Baywatch pin-up Carmen Electra, offended a "7-foot-tall, 5-feet-wide" drinker at Rokbar when he refused to take a picture of the customer and his sister, and then turned down a round of shots sent to his table.

The angry fan stormed over to Navarro's table and began hurling insults at him.

Navarro writes on his website, "He then loses it and turns over all the drinks and plates on my table, and they all go flying into the air and shatter as they crash into each other and onto the table, causing a rain of glass to fall upon me and my friends.

"Glass goes into hair, clothes and actually slightly cuts up my arm."

The imminent danger was averted when security stepped in and ejected the angry patron.