Jane's Addiction frontman PERRY FARRELL still holds out hope his Lollapalooza festival can continue - days after cancelling the music event.

The rocker was "heart-broken" to pull the plug on this year's (04) festival, following poor ticket sales, which was set to stage acts such as Morrissey, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey and The Pixies in venues across America.

Farrell says, "There are a few paths we are considering. I am getting letters back from many musicians, letting me know that if there is a possibility of becoming active, they will come on board again. Our position is thrilling.

"We can only be saved by the creative ideas we come up with. We feel like a team gathered around their coach, who is coming up with a play for the final seconds of a game."

Some critics cited the acts billed behind lacklustre tickets sales, saying morose rocker Morrissey and The Pixies would not appeal to middle America, where some of the gigs were scheduled.

Farrell explains, "I must state that my ambition was never to rip the dollar from the hands of 'pop culture.'

"I'm an enthusiast. I cheer what I consider to be excellent. Mine is to present the alternatives of life that I experience and enjoy. I give people credit for being smart and, at the very least, curious."

24/06/2004 20:56