Jane Lynch will host next week's Fragrance Foundation Awards (FiFis).

The 'Glee' actress will present the annual ceremony at New York's Lincoln Center Monday night (21.05.12) and joked she'll have to start swotting up on her perfume knowledge.

She said: ''I'll make sure I'll have notes on note cards and not on a teleprompter. And I'll bring a flashlight in case The Lights go out. We'll make it fun. What I like most of all is being off the cuff and making sure everyone has a good time. That's what I hope to do for this show.''

While she is happy to host the awards, Jane says she has no plans to create her own perfume.

She told WWD: ''I probably wouldn't do anything like that, but I love that. I'm the first one who will pick up a scent and say, 'Oh, this is Beyonce. This is what Beyoncé smells like?' I love how very serious celebrities are about how they chose the particular fragrances. My olfactories are very sensitive, and I'm not a big fan of perfume, but I am a big fan of scent. If someone has a delicious smell about them, I always remember it. My dad wore Brut when I was growing up, and anytime I smell Brut I think, 'My dad.' The nose gives you really strong memories and strong impressions, and emotions that come with it.''