Jane Lynch, star of Glee will be hosting this year's EMMY awards and wants to make a big impression.
Asked if she was intending to make it a night to remember, speaking to hollywood.com she said "You want to make a splash, we want it to be special. It's like the biggest evening in television; you want to do it justice." The Illinois born actress has appeared in several films including The 40-Year Old Virgin and Role Models, however, she is best known for playing stern gym teacher Sue Sylvester on hit Fox show Glee. Although she will be hosting the ceremony alone it's more than likely she will be helped out by her Glee co-stars. "As of now, we're still putting together those pieces; I pitched a couple of ideas for the Glee cast, so I bet there will be an appearance." She has also commentated on her wardrobe but remained tight lipped on whether or not she will be wearing her infamous tracksuit, "I will be changing my dress every time I come out."
The 51-year-old actress has won several awards including an EMMY as well as a Golden Globe award. She is currently filming several films including Wreck It Ralph an animated movie alongside JOHN C. RILLEY.