Jane Lynch's fans have been sending her pictures of their babies dressed as Glee's Sue Sylvester.

The 53-year-old actress plays the cheerleading coach in the musical drama, who usually wears track pants and a matching sports jacket, and loves seeing children dressed as her alter-ego.

Speaking on US show 'The Talk', she said: ''I have a twitter feed that I go to 12 times a day and my followers on Twitter have been sending me pictures of their babies dressed as Sue Sylvester - dressed in little trackies.''

Talking about a picture which was sent by a fan of her tiny tot wearing a black Adidas jacket with an image of Sue posing in the same position next to her, she added: ''I re-tweeted that and thought it was just adorable.''

Jane is glad parents want their kids to aspire to the good side of Sue.

She added: ''They want their kids to be like Sue Sylvester - the good parts of her, the big heart that protects the weak.''

However, she admitted there are some attributes of her character that people don't want to emulate.

She quipped: ''Not the terrifying version!''