Jane Lynch's stepdaughter is her ''greatest pleasure''.

The 'Glee' actress married psychologist Lara Embry in 2010 and loves being a stepmother to her daughter Haden.

She told Us Weekly: ''My greatest pleasure is Haden, my stepdaughter.

''I am surprised how much love you feel and how you would do anything for your children.

''Some may say I know a thing or two about playing intimidating authority figures but she knows how important love and acceptance is.''

''I am in love and in awe with Haden. I like watching her walk through the world without fear. She happens to be an exceptional human being and one of the most fair, open-hearted, embracing people I have ever met - grownup or child.''

Jane also tries to encourage Haden in everything she does.

She explained: ''If one week your child wants to be an actor and the next day a fireman, encourage them. ''Seeing who your kids are as opposed to what you want them to be is important. It's not up to you.''