Jane Lynch believes she has added "agitation" to her wife's life.

The 'Glee' star met Lara Embry at The National Center for Lesbian Rights gala dinner in San Francisco in 2009 and the actress admits within a few hours they were kissing and she knew Lara was 'The One'.

Although Lara has had a calming influence on Jane, the 51-year-old star believes her personality has been more disruptive for her spouse, but in a good way.

The actress - who is stepmother to Lara's nine-year-old daughter Haden - said: "I was obviously attracted to her but in that attraction I could see a calm (in her). I think I've added, for better or worse, agitation to her life - but she goes along with it. Our differences really brought us together."

Jane had a lot of difficulty coming out as a lesbian when she was in her 20s and her anxieties about being gay manifested in anger towards others.

But now she is happily married and comfortable with her sexuality, the actress used the anger she experienced when she was younger to inspire her 'Glee' character, tough cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester.

She added in an interview with The Guardian newspaper: "So much of Sue Sylvester, the angry woman, came from the part of my life where I wanted to crush other people's dreams and judging others so harshly which is just a way of deflecting your own self-judgment. I just hadn't learned how to make it funny then. There was really only one factor. I think I came wired with an extra helping of angst."